New ZED Album Almost Finished!

Posted: August 28, 2012 in General Announcements, ZED
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Photo by Kenny Sinatra, KCS Photography

The guys have finished tracking their new album Desperation Blues, and now it’s time for the final mix!

I’m not at liberty to share a track listing with you yet. That announcement will come on ZED’s Facebook Page and/or Official Website (links available on left side of page). I have been fortunate enough to preview the new record prior to the final mixdown and it’s nothing short of awesome! ZED fans will not be disappointed!

I will tell you this…the new record is a hook-filled riff monster. One more than one occasion I experienced a sudden onset of involuntary goosebumps. It’s going to rock your world!

One more thing. I got an email from Joe at Grooveyard Records who recently reviewed The Invitation and the pre-production roughs for many of the songs on Desperation Blues prior to the guys heading into the studio. Joe writes, “Stu, I finally got a chance to check out the ZED discs/riffage. Kool/solid stoner rock riffage…I dig what they are doing at keeping the rock alive. Retro guitar rock riffage lives in the world of ZED!”

Thanks for the kind words Joe.

Stay tuned for more!

ps: Here’s the new album cover!



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