Another Favorable Review of ZED’s Desperation Blues!

Posted: April 30, 2013 in ZED
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Craig Kidd of writes:

ZED is the hard rock band hailing from San Jose, California. Taking influences from past greats such as AC/DC and Led Zeppelin to more recent acts like Queens Of The Stone Age and Rage Against The Machine, ZED are made up of members Pete Sattari (vocals, guitars), Greg Lopes (guitars), Mark Aceves (bass), and Rich Harris (drums).  ZED released their debut album, The Invitation in 2010. In the summer of 2012, they went into the studio to record the songs for their follow up album, Desperation Blues, which is set to be released May 21.

Desperation Blues is a great rock album that takes influences from past and present alike. The album has a bluesy feel underneath its hard rock exterior. Lead vocalist, Pete Sattari gives the album a heavy metal feeling with his powerful gritty vocals.

The song from which the album gets its name, “Desperation Blues,” is a classic example of what a great rock song should sound like. Greg Lopes provides some awesome guitar solos. Sattari brings the song to life with his powerful vocals. Mark Aceves keeps the song moving forward with some great bass playing.

“Crawl Back To You” has more of a southern rock feeling than the rest of the album with its twangy guitar sounds. Sattari really shows his emotions with this song, singing more in a crooning style throughout most of the song. Rich Harris provides some excellent drumming during the song.

Closing out the album is “The River.” The song once again features Sattari’s powerful vocals, and Lopes’s hard rock guitar playing is absolutely wonderful. Harris’s drumming keeps everything together and moving along. The song has a heavy metal feeling with the big hard guitars along with Sattari’s gritty vocals.

ZED is a great rock band that takes influences from Black Sabbath to Queens Of The Stone Age. Pete Sattari’s gritty vocals provide the band with a hard rock feeling. Greg Lopes performs the guitar excellently throughout the album. Mark Aceves and Rich Harris keep the songs together with their bass and drumming respectively. Desperation Blues is an excellent album that any rock fan would enjoy. Whether you’re into Led Zeppelin or Rage Against The Machine, you’re sure to enjoy this album.

Key Tracks: Desperation Blues, Crawl Back To You, The River

–Thanks Craig, we appreciate the kind words!


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