ANOTHER Favorable Review of Desperation Blues…

Posted: May 16, 2013 in ZED
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…I’m starting to see a pattern here!

Metalholic writes:

I will not regurgitate the names of bands that are so often quoted as influencing, ZED’s sounds. They are subtle as well as obvious and you will figure them out on your own. They are sprinkled throughout the tracks and serve as reminders that classic metal and southern rock, as well as inventive takes on some well-known metal bands of more recent years, is alive and well and apparently living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The first two tracks, “Please” and “ Skin and Bones” are good indications of things to follow, and they served as sort of a path to ease me into what I thought was going to be just another metal band searching for its identity as I had no prior knowledge of their first album. I was never happier to be wrong in my misjudgment.

Even though it was a slow process, air returned to my lungs and my teeth began to unclench. By the time tracks three and four “Killing Machine”, “Desperation Blues” ended, my faith in mankind and will to live had been restored.  I felt refreshed and renewed. I wanted more which was just what I got on the aptly titled “More”.  Which by the way, has some shining bits of guitar playing, so pay attention.

Now there are some other gems on this one but I am going to let you discover them on your own.


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