Praise For Desperation Blues!

Posted: May 24, 2013 in General Announcements, ZED, ZEDHEADS (Street Team)
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The Daily Stab writes:

Those dudes will probably rattle the brains of owners of the big clubs in their city if word about “Desperation Blues” goes ’round on a steady and well-fuelled basis, and it sure earns every bit of fucking hype it can get. What I particularly dig about it is that it’s completely stripped of pretense or attempts to be something it ain’t; it simply goes through the motions set by whatever direction it feels like going in at a given second. That makes for lengthy tracks that can go for multiple types of spicings brewed together in one particularly crisp format that’s hella addictive as much as its background is actually simple with a just-cocky-enough exploitation of the actual knowledge this bunch has of what makes for a great rock sound. Each track takes its merry time to make its point heard, riding high on especially dirty basslines in the utmost slick presentation as it seems incredibly well-organized and embroidered around the rest of the songwriting nuggets of gold we have here. There’s plenty of bonuses to go about in what those cats have to bring to the table. The way the guitar surfs that well smooth and creamy background can at times go for the calculating stringwork, but most often escalates into seriously tasty, punchy, hooky, and honestly fiery main riffs that know to bring a swingy type of feel to tracks like “Killing Machine” whilst going for a bit of a fusionny type of southern rock goodness on “More”, and exploding into full-on pub blues mode with the impressively unpredictable and constantly surprising “The River” which goes to show exactly how many backflips those guys can go through to make every bit of a sweat n’ tear seen and heard as each note gets played; everything has to be completely representative of the mood conveyed by the lyrics. This frontman is completely soaked into what he’s singing about and his backing band looks like they’re brothers or distant cousins because the chemistry is the utmost given here.

Thanks for the wonderful review, Noch!


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