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Muzik Reviews writes:

ZED is a great rock band that takes influences from Black Sabbath to Queens Of The Stone Age. Pete Sattari’s gritty vocals provide the band with a hard rock feeling. Greg Lopes performs the guitar excellently throughout the album. Mark Aceves and Rich Harris keep the songs together with their bass and drumming respectively. Desperation Blues is an excellent album that any rock fan would enjoy. Whether you’re into Led Zeppelin or Rage Against The Machine, you’re sure to enjoy this album.

Metal News Online writes:

 I was completely taken aback upon my first listen of ZED‘s Desperation Blues.  I was immediately taken back to my youth and the start of my metal/rock roots.  Led Zeppelin and a touch of AC/DC. It’s  the blues; dirty, in-your-face blues…5/5 stars” writes:

…it is hard to argue with the quality of this release. It is damn good from start to finish, without a turkey in the mix. writes:

…Desperation Blues is one bad-ass rock record. It has variety, and a powerful fluidity of motion. Just when you lock in on a riff they’ll take it up a notch, or change directions, but all the while keeping you along for the ride. And what a ride it is…

Dusty Said writes:

Their combined sound is original but screams of a sound I have heard before. That sound is from a time that there were more to putting out songs than the 3 1/2 minute time limit and a fear of allowing the musicians in the band to play. I hear a little Alice in Chains vocals, some strong Clutch bass, and even a little Motley Crew drums. This my friends, is rock. All the way through the record each song is original and worth playing all the way till the end.

Rock Around The World (via Google translate…German website) writes:

I was completely immersed in the sea of flames…Must have

Cosmos Gaming writes:

…the versatility of the arrangements and the killer riffs make Desperation Blues an album worth seeking out…these guys have managed to strike a fine balance between blues rock and stoner rock while incorporating some additional elements, and hopefully they’re able to find success as this is the kind of material I’d like to see filling the rock radio airwaves rather than the generic cut and paste groups they feature now.

The Front Row Report writes:

Zed’s upcoming Desperation Blues record captures the very essence of what a rock album should be from an up-and-coming band…this album also shows why the rock industry is starting to come back up- bands like Zed putting out albums that are very personal and heart-wrenching.

Metalholic writes:

By the time tracks three and four “Killing Machine”, “Desperation Blues” ended, my faith in mankind and will to live had been restored.  I felt refreshed and renewed. I wanted more which was just what I got on the aptly titled “More”.  Which by the way, has some shining bits of guitar playing, so pay attention.

Pittsburgh Music Magazine writes:

…Overall, “Desperation Blues” will be a perfect summer anthem for outdoor metal barbeques and beer, (if you’re that righteous of an entertainer, of course). As somewhat of a “Country” girl, this album, vocal tonality, structure, distortion, everything paint an uncanny picture of blasting real and old-school powerful rock with those perfectly timed breakdowns through the windows of my car, just feeling like a total badass.

Decibel Magazine writes:

Formed in the San Francisco Bay Area, ZED blends the classic rock you’ve heard a zillion times on any “Z” rock radio station with the punch of, say, Clutch, the angularity of Rage Against the Machine, the hey-it’s-cool-man vibe of Queens of the Stone Age. Classic-Contemporary hard rock from the Left Coast, which for a Monday morning is exactly what most of us need to get the day going…so check out ZED’s Desperation Blues. It’s OK to rock with your cock out. Or, if you’re female, J. Bennett would approve of rocking with your tits out.

WORT 89.9 FM “Mosh Pit Radio” writes:

Kind of a bluesy hard rock/metal thing (which I guess these days means Stoner Metal?) Catchy riffs…almost like a modern day Led Zeppelin (which their name sorta just reminds you of).

Metal Injection writes:

Zed is a band that plays pretty straightforward blues based metal. Imagine if Mikey from Priestess sang for Clutch. It has some classic rock swagger, but still very modern. This was another surprisingly enjoyable record.

The Daily Stab writes:

Those dudes will probably rattle the brains of owners of the big clubs in their city if word about “Desperation Blues” goes ’round on a steady and well-fuelled basis, and it sure earns every bit of fucking hype it can get. What I particularly dig about it is that it’s completely stripped of pretense or attempts to be something it ain’t; it simply goes through the motions set by whatever direction it feels like going in at a given second. That makes for lengthy tracks that can go for multiple types of spicings brewed together in one particularly crisp format that’s hella addictive as much as its background is actually simple with a just-cocky-enough exploitation of the actual knowledge this bunch has of what makes for a great rock sound.

Sea of Tranquility writes:

Big riffs are definitely back in fashion, so three years on from their The Invitation album Zed are back with a dose of Desperation Blues, that sounds a damn sight more insistent than desperate to me. Stating Queens Of The Stone Age, AC/DC, Sabbath and Zeppelin as influences Zed (not to be confused with the jazz fusion outfit) stay true to their word by hammering out groove laden bristling riffs, backed by howling, gravely vocals and ground shaking beats.

Pete Sattari hollers loud and proud while banging his guitar to within an inch of its life, leaving a faint stench of bourbon and grimy hit of attitude, while his fellow guitar abuser Greg Lopes doubles the effect. Add to that a concoction of thunder courtesy of Rich Harris behind what probably used to be a drum kit and Mark Acevas who’d probably be arrested for the way he attacks his bass and Zed make a mighty statement. “Please” groovin’ suggestively, while giving you the sort of grin that makes you uneasy in your own shoes, while “Crawl To You” adds a little subtlety in a style that Black Stone Cherry fans will approve of…this is one collection of Desperation Blues sure to put a smile on your face.

Upstate Metal writes:

…Right off the rip, you get a catchy tune coming from the first song on the album, “Please.” It comes out with heavy drums, and a distorted bass guitar. The first few seconds sounds like a funky, jazz/grunge fusion. And, you’ll get that peppered throughout. You can hear the influences of Clutch and Queens of the Stone Age, with the choice in cadence and delivery of lyrics from lead man, Pete Sattari.  You can even hear a little bit of Rage in the versatile guitar play of Greg Lopez, and some of that grunge-era bass play from Mark Aceves.  By the time you’re into “Crawl Back to You,” the fifth song on the album, you’ve experienced said versatility.

Overall, Zed rings true in what they advertise. To say that you’re not going to get anything new or innovative out of these guys is not meant to imply this album is tiresome or boring. This is you’re Budweiser. This is that steak joint downtown that you like.  It’s where you want to go, when you know what you want.  Its one thing for a band to say they’re bringing the rock and roll, but it’s quite another when that band succeeds in delivering, and that’s just what Zed can do.

Examiner writes:

…Make no mistake, “Desperation Blues” is heavy as f*ck. But Zed’s form of ‘heavy’ goes beyond the riff, pulling at emotions and an energy that doesn’t rely on volume or sonic intensity. And though they’re a band fixed in high gear, they’re more than confident (and able) to downshift and grind out dark melodies when they see fit. Zed now has an upward trajectory to their musical career. “Desperation Blues” lives in that place of emotional form, creating a uniquely accessible collection of songs that can hit you like a double-shot of Jack or let the embers smolder on into the night.

Ripple Music writes:

If you haven’t heard Desperation Blues, or the band’s debut The Invitation, you’re in for a treat. Modern hard rock that doesn’t suck. Hints of the influences mentioned above sprinkled with a shitload of awesomeness make up for a killer album. I think you’ll agree with me when I say that this album is deserving of year end top list material. Whether it’s the in your face “Skin and Bones” or the melodic album closer “The River,” you’re going to love this album.