Programs and Ideas II


Social networking is quite possibly the most powerful grassroots promotional tool at your disposal. Facebook is a great way to help spread the word. There are also many social bookmarking sites, like Twitter, digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Pinterest, BuzzFeed, Delicious. Fark, Friendfeed and many others.

All of these services can be used to help promote ZED.

If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to “Like” ZED on Facebook at and then share ZED links on your own Facebook page. Please also like the ZEDHEADS Facebook page at

There are some great videos on Youtube to use when sharing ZED links. I recommend posting ZED links once a week until you’ve shared each video. Research has shown that the best times to promote on Facebook is Tues, Wed or Thursday at 11am, 3pm or 8pm Eastern time, with 3pm Eastern being the best.

So here’s the best times, again on Tues, Wed or Thurs:

Pacific Time: 8am, Noon or 5pm, with Noon being best
Mountain Time: 9am, 1pm or 6pm, with 1pm being best
Central Time: 10am, 2pm or 7pm, with 2pm being best
Eastern Time: 11am, 3pm or 8pm, with 3pm being best

There are a great series of videos here. I would recommend sharing at least one video each week until you’ve shared all of them. They’re great from the standpoint of the audio being good, plus they also do a great job of demonstrating the band’s sense of humor.

Another thing you can do is share various articles and posts you find interesting on this site, such as news stories, tour schedule updates, reviews, etc.

Needless to say, not everyone will see every video every time. But with enough people doing this, the duplication and repetition will bear fruit over time! It only takes one song at the right time to hook someone.

While we’re talking about Youtube videos, be sure to subscribe to ZED’s channel which is ZEDROCKNOW. The more subscribers ZED gets, and the more views they get, the better exposure they get!

The same program and schedule can be used on the social bookmarking sites. The cumulative effect can have a very positive impact on promotion. I would recommend focusing on the Top 15 Social Bookmarking Sites as listed on this webpage. Same theory – post a different link, once a week for 8 consecutive weeks, although you need not worry about the time of day you post.

To make this easier, for those of you who use Mozilla Firefox as a browser (and if you never have tried it, check it out – it doesn’t freeze up as often as IE) Firefox has an add on called “Add This” which is very cool. It allows you to select and post to numerous social bookmarking sites with a click of a button. In your Firefox browser just go to TOOLS–>AD-ONS–>GET AD-ONS and search for “Add This.”

Lastly, the same steps can be followed with your Twitter account. Send Tweets once a week using the different videos linked above.

Remember also to follow ZED at and the ZED Street Team at

UPDATE:  Another helpful activity is sharing ZED’s music from Spotify and Pandora to Facebook!


Sharing your passion for ZED’s music on music related forums is another great way to help get the word out. There’s countless forums on the internet, and here’s just a few that I found on Google (search term “Rock Forums”):


Rock Forums

Classic Rock Forums

Classic Rock Forums Redux

Progressive Rock Music Forum

Pop Rock Forum

(another) Rock Forums

And then seaching Google for “Metal Forums” I found…

Ultimate Metal Forum

All Metal Forums

Metal Throne Forums

Metal Underground Forum

These are just a few of the results after 2 quick searches. I’m sure you get the idea, and you can do your own searches (these are just examples). Some of these forums will be better than others, and some of them will relate better to ZED’s music. Just look around, pick a forum or two that appeal to you, and share your enthusiasm for ZED. Leave a link to ZED’s site if allowed.

Another approach you can take is posting on the forum of other bands. In particular, bands whose fans would also like ZED. However, PLEASE be respectful if posting on another band’s forum with the intent of promoting ZED. We don’t want to come off as spamming their forum! That’s a quick way to turn off a potential group of fans.

Be sure to post in their “Other Artists” section if they have one, and simply ask something like, “Anyone here into ZED?” Check back a day later and answer any questions. That way you’re responding to them, instead of just dropping off a hit-and-run advertisement.


Writing album reviews is another helpful promotional activity. For example, check out the review I wrote on Amazon about “The Invitation”…

While Amazon and iTunes are probably the best places to post reviews, it’s helpful to post positive reviews on any vendor’s website that allows them.


Visit our “Download ZED Show Flyers” page to get flyers for an upcoming show in your area! These flyers have a space at the bottom for you to enter the date, time and venue information. Use something like a “Sharpie” to enter the details, so you have permanent ink that’s easy to read.

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