Programs and Ideas III


You might be surprised to learn that you already know someone in a position to help our cause. You might know someboby who knows somebody. Or you might know somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody!

Maybe your sister’s best friend’s brother knows someone who works at a radio station. Maybe you know a guy at work, who once mentioned having a friend who was a concert promoter, or a talent buyer for a club. Maybe you recall your hair stylist talking about a friend’s friend who works for a local TV station. These can all be valuable connections.

It’s often said in business that it’s “who you know” and not “what you know.” Try to network with these connections, and see where it leads. Or share their contact information with us, and we can follow up from our end. Or both!


Aside from downloading and distributing flyers, there are other activities you can participate in when ZED is coming to your town. These activities can be of tremendous value, and relate to contacting your local media.

Most newspapers have an, “Arts and Entertainment” section – if not daily, at least weekly. We encourage Street Team members to call/write/email the “A&E” Editors of their local newspaper(s) when ZED is coming to town. Tell them about ZED, and when/where the band is performing. Feel free to invite them to attend the show and write a review. Let them know that the guys in the band can be available for interviews. The goal of course is to get ZED some ink prior to the show – to increase the awareness of (and attendance at) the show. Another goal is to get a review written about the show.

Don’t worry about duplicating someone else’s efforts! If 2 or 3 (or more) of you contact the same newspaper, that’s all the better. That simply demonstrates the passion that exists for ZED’s music, and the excitement that is created when ZED is coming to town!

In a similar fashion, most local TV affiliates have their own, “Evening Magazine” type program. These programs usually feature local human interest stories, local travel stories and local entertainment news. Don’t feel apprehensive about contacting these programs! They WANT and NEED quality stories and programming, and ZED makes for a great news story!

As with the newspaper above, tell them about ZED, and when/where they are performing. Invite them to attend the show, or even tape and/or broadcast part of it! Let them know that the guys can be available for interviews too.

We can also make similar contacts with area radio stations who feature a format consistent with ZED’s music. Use your imagination, have fun and go for it!

Feel free to contact me if you would like any help or input with these projects. Contact me also when you need media passes for any show.

Are you thinking this type of Street Team activity might not work? Well, check this out…

I coordinated a similar effort for another up and coming artist several years ago by the name of Joe Bonamassa. One of our Street Team members back then contacted a local TV affiliate in Sacramento, CA in the same manner as described above. After he did, he generated the following post on Joe’s forum:


This listing of Programs and Ideas will constantly be evolving. We have a lot more to add here, but there’s enough now to get you started. In general, it’s about, “thinking like a street teamer” and coming up with creative ways to promote ZED on your own. For example, a fun (albeit slightly mischievous) activity would be to reset the Internet browser “Home Pages” of various publicly accessed computers to ZED’s website 🙂

Publicly accessed computers can be found at the library, on display at miscellaneous vendors such as Best Buy, Costco and shopping malls, at a growing number of hotels, at airports and at many other locations.

It’s all about using your imagination, thinking outside the box and having fun. Send us your ideas and suggestions too. This is a collective effort!

Check back for more updates!

In the mean time,
Have you told anyone about ZED today?