Desperation Blues: “This Is Your Budweiser”

Posted: June 1, 2013 in General Announcements, ZED, ZEDHEADS (Street Team)
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Upstate Metal writes:

…Right off the rip, you get a catchy tune coming from the first song on the album, “Please.” It comes out with heavy drums, and a distorted bass guitar. The first few seconds sounds like a funky, jazz/grunge fusion. And, you’ll get that peppered throughout. You can hear the influences of Clutch and Queens of the Stone Age, with the choice in cadence and delivery of lyrics from lead man, Pete Sattari.  You can even hear a little bit of Rage in the versatile guitar play of Greg Lopez, and some of that grunge-era bass play from Mark Aceves.  By the time you’re into “Crawl Back to You,” the fifth song on the album, you’ve experienced said versatility.

Overall, Zed rings true in what they advertise. To say that you’re not going to get anything new or innovative out of these guys is not meant to imply this album is tiresome or boring. This is you’re Budweiser. This is that steak joint downtown that you like.  It’s where you want to go, when you know what you want.  Its one thing for a band to say they’re bringing the rock and roll, but it’s quite another when that band succeeds in delivering, and that’s just what Zed can do.

Thanks to Michael Hallisey for the kind words! Click the link above to read the entire review.


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