Spinitron is reporting that KZSC Santa Cruz 88.1 FM‘s playlist for Sunday February 23, 2014 included the title track from ZED’s 2013 release, Desperation Blues. The cut was played at 7:07 pm, just before B.B. King and Led Zeppelin. Not bad company!

You can check out the playlist here.

Thanks for the love, KZSC!


ZEDHEADS would like to thank Bucky Brown over at The Sludgelord for including ZED’s Desperation Blues on his list of ‘Top 25 albums of 2013!”  You can view the entire list here, which was published February 22, 2014.

Bucky wrote:

Once again 2013 blew me away with the quality and quantity of releases that passed through my ears. It was painstaking picking out a top 25 and I had over 100 albums that on any given day could have made this list. But it came down to album plays and overall impact for me.

I did some looking around on The Sludgelord website and really liked it. They feature bands that fall within the Stoner/Doom/Sludge/Fuzz/Post-Metal/Experimental/Black Metal/Psych genres. Check ’em out!

‘Rain’ – track #7 from Desperation Blues.
Images by Kenny Sinatra – KCS Photography.

Happy February ZEDHEADS!

Just wanted to share a few quick updates to our website.

We just finished creating ringtones for every song off ‘Desperation Blues’ in both .mp3 and .m4r formats. You can download as many as you like, for free, from our ringtones page. You don’t have to register or sign up for anything, and you won’t be added to any mailing lists. It’s about as clean of a process as you can get.

Our tour page has been updated, with three new shows coming up in March and April. Come on out and rock with ZED!

We have also added an audio page with links to every song from Desperation Blues, which are hosted on ZED’s Bandcamp page.

In the near future we will begin revising and updating our Programs and Ideas pages with new (and fun) ways to help spread the rock gospel that is ZED! Stay tuned for more…

Finally, if you haven’t done so yet, please consider joining the ZED Street Team. It’s doesn’t obligate you to anything, and you can earn guest list passes for you and a friend to a future ZED show! We’ll even comp you some ZED stickers just for signing up. Needless to say we will protect your email address with unrivaled passion, and a singleness of purpose; no spam!

That’s all for now – thanks for checking in.

“Have you told anyone about ZED today?”


DRUM|PRIME’s editor-in-chief had the opportunity to sit down with Bay Area drummer, Rich Harris, to talk about his work with his band, Zed. In this audio cast, we get a glimpse into the band, as well as Rich’s approach to the drums, his influences, and gear.

Listen to the audiocast on DRUM|PRIME’s website by clicking here.

The Obelisk’s Top 20 of 2013 Reader’s Poll was compiled from 335 lists, with point values assigned to the rankings on the lists submitted. Clutch’s ‘Earthrocker’ ran away with it, however ZED’s ‘Desperation Blues’ did garner a #11 and a #20 ranking on 2 different lists! We were also pleased to see our friends Spiralarms receive votes as well, with ‘Freedom’ ranking #9, #17 and #19 on 3 different lists.

On lists that were dominated by the likes of Clutch, Red Fang, Sasquatch, QOTSA, Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains and Monster Magnet, we’re stoked to have been mentioned in the same company.

If you haven’t checked out The Obelisk yet, be sure to do so. They publish a great rock and metal blog.

BLOG: http://theobelisk.net/obelisk/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000035118595
(The Obelisk is operated by H.P. Taskmaster)

ZED’s Desperation Blues received honorable mention on No Clean Singing’s ‘The List To End All Lists’ for 2013, published on December 26th.

According to No Clean Singing’s website, this is what they are about:

The founders of this site — Islander, Alexis, and IntoTheDarkness — are three metalheads who live in the Seattle area.  Over time, Alexis and IntoTheDarkness have become scarce as writers for NCS. We still go to shows together, and still swap music, but the writing chores have fallen to a new cadre of scribes.

In addition to Islander, the regular writers are Andy Synn (a member of the metal band Bloodguard and a resident of Nottingham, England), BadWolf (who lives in Toledo; Ohio and also writes for Invisible Oranges under his real name); TheMadIsraeli (a guitarist and denizen of Tennessee); and DGR (who lives in Sacramento, CA and used to write for The Number of the Blog). We also feature contributions by a large group of guest writers.

Thanks to Islander, Alexis, IntoTheDarkness and crew for the acknowledgement!

Be sure to check out No Clean Singing – they’ve got a great site going.